• 03/04/2024 8:00 AM | NENA News (Administrator)

    Dear NENA Members,

    As President of the New England Numismatic Association (NENA), I’m excited to connect with you all and discuss the fascinating world of numismatics.

    Numismatics is not just about collecting coins; it’s about making connections. Connections between coins and history, connections between collectors, and connections that transcend geographical boundaries. Our shared passion for numismatics binds us together, whether we’re in New England or beyond.

    Coins and currency are not mere artifacts; they are windows into history, telling stories of civilizations, cultures, and economies long past. Every coin has a tale to tell, and as collectors, we are the storytellers who preserve these narratives for future generations.

    We’ve all experienced the thrill of the chase, the quest for that elusive “unicorn” coin that completes our collection. It’s what drives us to explore deeper into the rabbit hole of numismatics, constantly seeking new knowledge and connections.

    But perhaps the most enriching aspect of numismatics is the opportunity to connect with fellow collectors. Recently, we’ve had engaging discussions among members about topics like “Low Balls” and pocket pieces, reigniting interest in unique areas of collecting. This is the essence of our community - sharing, educating, and learning from one another.

    I encourage you to expand your horizons by visiting, where you can connect with other members, share your expertise, and discover new insights into the world of numismatics.

    And speaking of connections, mark your calendars for Ernie’s show in Manchester, New Hampshire, on March 29th and 30th, 2024. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet fellow collectors, reconnect with old friends, or make new ones. Don’t forget to stop by our table and introduce yourself - we’re a very friendly bunch!

    Lastly, I’m thrilled to announce that NENA will be running its renowned Young Numismatist program at the show on Saturday. It’s always a joy to see young collectors light up with excitement as they delve into the world of numismatics. Your support and participation make events like these possible, furthering NENA’s mission to promote education and strong values in our field.

    Thank you to all involved in driving the continued success of our club. Together, we are the caretakers of history, preserving treasures that will endure long after we’re gone.

    I look forward to seeing you all at Ernie’s show and continuing our numismatic journey together.

    Warm regards,



    New England Numismatic Association

  • 09/25/2023 9:18 AM | NENA News (Administrator)

    Manchester, NH – The New England Numismatic Association (NENA) is thrilled to announce the Young Numismatic Program, a captivating educational event for young coin and currency enthusiasts, which will take place at the highly anticipated New Hampshire Coin & Currency Expo on Saturday, October 28, 2023, starting at 10:00 am. This event promises to be an enriching experience for young collectors, and it will feature a special presentation by Donat Charron on the fascinating topic of United States Nickels.

    The Young Numismatic Program, organized by NENA, aims to introduce young people to the world of coin and currency collecting, fostering their interest in numismatics. This event provides a unique opportunity for children and teenagers to learn about the history, artistry, and value of coins and paper money, all while having fun and engaging with like-minded peers.

    Donat Charron will be the presenter at this event with assistance from Jen Reynolds and Kevin Winn. Charron's experience with United States Nickels promises an engaging and informative presentation that will captivate young collectors and inspire their curiosity about numismatics.

    Event Details:

    - Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023

    - Time: 10:00 am

    - Location: Double Tree by Hilton, 700 Elm Street Manchester, NH

    - Admission: FREE

    - Pre-registration is strongly encouraged as space is limited.

    Participants will have the opportunity to:

    1. Learn about the history and significance of United States Nickels.

    2. Explore the world of coin and currency collecting.

    3. Interact with experienced numismatists and fellow young collectors.

    4. Receive valuable insights and tips on building a coin and currency collection.

    5. View rare and historical numismatic items.

    The New Hampshire Coin & Currency Expo is the perfect setting for this exciting event, featuring a diverse array of coin and currency dealers, exhibits, and opportunities for collectors to buy, sell, and trade numismatic items.

    "We are delighted to host the Young Numismatic Program as part of the New Hampshire Coin & Currency Expo," said Walker Whitehouse, President of the New England Numismatic Association. "This program is designed to inspire the next generation of numismatists and provide them with valuable knowledge and resources to begin their collecting journey."

    To pre-register for the Young Numismatic Program or for more information about the New Hampshire Coin & Currency Expo, please click here

    About the New England Numismatic Association (NENA):

    The New England Numismatic Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and enjoyment of coins, currency, and related items. NENA offers educational programs, seminars, and events for collectors of all ages and experience levels.

  • 08/24/2023 3:40 PM | NENA News (Administrator)

    Dear Esteemed NENA Members, 

    I am thrilled to share some incredible news with you all, reflecting the dedication and passion that make the New England Numismatic Association (NENA) an organization like no other. Our recent activities have seen us turn the corner and set sail toward a future full of promise and potential. 

    Exhibiting at the summer Bay State show was a resounding success, and it gives me immense pleasure to announce that NENA was brilliantly represented, thanks to the exceptional efforts of Ed, Donat, Jen, Bill, Tyler, and each NENA member who took the time to stop by. Our revamped banner and eye-catching marketing materials truly caught the attention of attendees, showcasing the vibrancy of our organization. 

    Furthermore, I am thrilled to introduce our brand-new website,  This platform offers a convenient member login feature and allows for seamless online signup. The response has been nothing short of astounding, with an impressive uptick in new members – evidence that our outreach is hitting the mark. The dividends are already visible, as we experience the positive impact of increased membership. 

    In our pursuit of excellence, we have made significant strides in fundraising efforts. A special shout-out to George, of George’s Beautiful Buffalos, who has generously sponsored our Young Numismatist program for the fall. Your dedication to nurturing the next generation of numismatists is truly commendable. I also want to extend my gratitude to Steve, Dave, Louis, Stanley, Justin, and Mike for their generous support in sponsoring our upcoming NENA Raffle to be held at the New Hampshire Coin & Currency expo this fall. Your contributions further fuel our efforts to drive positive change within the numismatic community.

    Together, these endeavors have allowed us to raise a significant number of funds – a testament to our commitment to NENA’s growth and success. Our financial condition is improving, providing us with the means to execute on our programs and plans more effectively. 

    The heartening news doesn’t end there. Our membership is growing steadily, reflecting the clear vision we have for the future of NENA. We are reinvigorating our educational programs and offerings, and we need your participation more than ever. As we unlock the value of this tremendous organization, I encourage each of you to play a role in its transformation. 

    Let’s remember: “Members bring Members.” Your enthusiasm and advocacy are crucial in expanding our reach. We are minting new members with fresh dies, and there are many additional opportunities to get involved. We are further committed to providing increased support for New England’s local clubs, fostering stronger connections across our region. In our pursuit of excellence, we have identified areas where your expertise can make a significant impact.  We need speakers and authors to enrich our events and publications. We need articles for the NENA news that reflect your insights and experiences. Additionally, we’re seeking educators and course developers to enhance our educational offerings. 

    I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bob Fritsch for his years of dedicated service in managing membership matters. As he hands over the reins to Tyler O’Connor, we are excited to welcome another new face into the membership management role. Thank you both! 

    This is an exciting phase for NENA, marked by renewed energy and purpose.  Let’s come together and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. The ship is turning, and it’s time for all of us to get onboard and be part of this remarkable journey. Thank you to everyone who is getting involved and supporting our cause. Together, we will achieve remarkable heights and continue to unlock the true value of NENA. Look forward to seeing you all at our 79th annual conference this fall! 


    Walker - President, New England Numismatic Association (NENA)

  • 07/29/2023 5:35 PM | NENA News (Administrator)

    Marlborough, MA, July 29, 2023 - The New England Numismatic Association (NENA) commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the renowned Bay State Coin Show with a jubilant two-day event in Marlborough, Massachusetts on July 28-29, 2023. Numismatists from all over the region gathered to celebrate this milestone, and the show proved to be a resounding success, drawing both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike.

    The Bay State Coin Show has long been a staple in the numismatic community, and this year's anniversary celebration was no exception. Despite being a summer event, attendance was robust, showcasing the unwavering enthusiasm for the art and science of coin collecting. Dealers and enthusiasts alike flocked to the show floor, eager to explore the vast array of numismatic treasures on display.

    Sales during the event exceeded expectations, surprising many vendors who had anticipated the typical summer slowdown. The thriving marketplace demonstrated that collectors are as passionate as ever about their hobby, with both rare and common coins finding new homes among attendees. Several dealers reported impressive transactions, and the overall sentiment was one of optimism for the future of numismatics.

    "Seeing the strong turnout and active engagement from collectors old and new was truly heartening," said Walker Whitehouse, President of the New England Numismatic Association. "The Bay State Coin Show has been a pillar of the numismatic community for 60 years, and its continued success reflects the enduring appeal of coin collecting."

    Beyond the buying and selling, the event served as a gathering place for numismatists to reconnect with old friends and forge new connections within the close-knit community. 

    "This year's anniversary show had a special atmosphere," noted longtime collector Brian Trudeau. "It's not just about the coins, but also about the people and the stories behind each piece. I've made new friends and gained valuable insights that will enhance my passion for this hobby."

    The New England Numismatic Association expressed its gratitude to all who attended and participated in the Bay State Coin Show's 60th Anniversary celebration. The association looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting and advancing the knowledge and enjoyment of numismatics in the years to come.

    As the event drew to a close, collectors left with new acquisitions, cherished memories, and a shared sense of anticipation for the future of numismatics. The success of this year's Bay State Coin Show underscores the enduring appeal of coin collecting and the vibrant community that supports it.

    About the New England Numismatic Association:

    The New England Numismatic Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the study and collecting of coins, currency, and related items. With a rich history and a diverse membership, NENA serves as a valuable resource and community hub for numismatists across the region.

    For more information about NENA and upcoming events, please visit

  • 07/28/2023 1:38 PM | NENA News (Administrator)

    [Marlborough, MA] – The New England Numismatic Association (NENA) is delighted to extend its heartfelt appreciation to George LeMaitre, owner of George's Beautiful Buffalos, for his generous sponsorship of the Fall 2023 "John Kittridge" Young Numismatic Program. This significant contribution allows NENA to continue its mission of educating the next generation of numismatists and collectors through the FREE Young Numismatist forum.

    The Young Numismatic Program, held twice a year in conjunction with the esteemed New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, hosted in Manchester, NH (for more information, visit, has been a cornerstone of NENA's commitment to fostering interest and knowledge in the world of coin collecting. With the support of sponsors like George LeMaitre and George's Beautiful Buffalos, NENA has been able to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational experience to young enthusiasts.

    Coin collecting is more than a hobby; it's a journey that introduces youngsters to history, art, and economics. The two-hour Young Numismatist forum has proven to be an incredibly successful platform, attracting close to 50 enthusiastic young numismatists at each session. During these forums, participants are introduced to the fundamentals of coin collecting, a passion they can nurture and develop as they mature.

    George LeMaitre's commitment to fostering numismatic education aligns perfectly with NENA's vision. His dedication to the hobby and his contributions to the numismatic community have made a lasting impact on countless young collectors. Through his sponsorship, George's Beautiful Buffalos exemplifies the importance of investing in the future of numismatics.

    "NENA is thrilled to acknowledge and extend its sincerest gratitude to George LeMaitre and George's Beautiful Buffalos for their incredible support of our Young Numismatic Program," said Walker Whitehouse, President of NENA. "With George's contribution, we can continue to inspire and educate young collectors, allowing them to appreciate and embrace the rich history and artistry present in the world of coins."

    The Fall 2023 "John Kittridge" Young Numismatic Program is poised to be an outstanding success, empowering young minds to embark on a journey of discovery in numismatics. NENA encourages all young enthusiasts to participate in this enriching experience and invites interested individuals to learn more about the Young Numismatist forum through

    About New England Numismatic Association (NENA):

    The New England Numismatic Association (NENA) is a dedicated organization committed to promoting, advancing, and safeguarding the hobby of numismatics. NENA hosts various events, including coin shows, educational forums, and engaging seminars, to foster a vibrant numismatic community in the New England region.

  • 07/01/2023 9:21 AM | NENA News (Administrator)

    Dear NENA Members,

    We hope this finds you in good health and high spirits. We are delighted to announce that the New England Numismatic Association (NENA) has recently implemented a new website management system to enhance our online presence and improve the overall membership experience. We are now utilizing Wild Apricot, a powerful platform that will revolutionize the way we connect, engage, and share information within our numismatic community.

    With Wild Apricot, we have consolidated our website, membership records, and member-only content into a single, user-friendly platform. This integration will streamline our operations and provide you with easier access to a wealth of valuable resources and exclusive benefits. Allow us to highlight some of the exciting features and future enhancements that Wild Apricot brings to NENA:

    1. Centralized Website: Our new website is now live and serves as a hub for all NENA-related information. You can visit the website at

    Explore the intuitive navigation, discover the latest updates, and browse through the rich content tailored to meet the diverse interests of our numismatic enthusiasts. We are working on redirecting our primary website url in the near future.

    2. Membership Management: Wild Apricot's comprehensive membership management system ensures seamless record-keeping and effortless membership renewals. You can easily update your personal information, access your membership details, and stay up-to-date with NENA's membership events, benefits, and exclusive content.

    3. Member-Only Content: We are thrilled to introduce an array of member-exclusive content, including educational articles, research papers, archived newsletters, and more. As a NENA member, you will have privileged access to these resources, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and broaden your numismatic horizons.

    4. Press Releases and Announcements: Wild Apricot enables us to efficiently share official announcements and press releases directly on our website. Stay informed about the latest NENA news, upcoming events, convention updates, and other important developments within our vibrant numismatic community.

    5. Open Forum Discussions: We recognize the value of fostering open dialogue and knowledge exchange among our members. Soon, we will launch an interactive forum on Wild Apricot, where you can participate in lively discussions, seek expert advice, share insights, and engage with fellow numismatists. Watch out for updates on this exciting feature!

    6. NENA Store: In response to popular demand, we are working diligently to establish an online store where you can purchase NENA medals and other related items conveniently. Stay tuned for the grand opening, as we bring you an assortment of high-quality merchandise celebrating our passion for numismatics.

    7. Online Donations and Membership Renewals: We are actively exploring options to facilitate online donations and streamline the membership renewal process. These features will be introduced in the near future, allowing you to contribute to NENA's growth and easily renew your membership with just a few clicks.

    We are thrilled about these enhancements and the countless opportunities they bring to our community. NENA's commitment to providing an exceptional member experience is at the forefront of this transformation, and we are confident that these new features will enrich your involvement with our association.

    We encourage you to visit our new website, explore its features, and provide us with your valuable feedback. Your input is invaluable in shaping the platform to meet your needs and preferences.

    As always, we appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for NENA. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to assist you.

    Wishing you all a rewarding and memorable numismatic journey with NENA!


    Tyler O'Connor

    Marketing Coordinator

    New England Numismatic Association

  • 10/01/2022 9:47 PM | NENA News (Administrator)

    On Saturday, October 15, 2022, the New England Numismatic Association will hold its 78th annual Conference and Convention in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo at the DoubleTree by Hilton, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, New Hampshire. Ample parking is available at the Center of New Hampshire Parking Garage, with entrances off Elm Street and Granite Street.

    There will be a NENA Club table where “experts” are available to help you identify and estimate the value of your numismatic items. Also available are applications for NENA membership, free publications and opportunities to buy this year’s convention medal. The theme for this year’s medal is “Early New England Windmills” and it pictures one of the dominant smock or skirt design mills. The first wooden windmill in New England was built in 1632, 390 years ago!

    A Young Numismatist program will again be held this year on Saturday morning. There will be short talks, quizzes with prizes and lots of giveaways. If health concerns require cancellation, as was the case last year, there will be a place at the NENA table where youngsters will be able to pick up “Goodie Bags” full of coins, coin supplies and reading materials and ask questions of the NENA members at the table. On Friday, October 14th there will be a book signing at the NENA Club table by some of New England’s numismatic authors, including Manuel Ayala, John Frost, Peter Jones, MD, Kevin LaFond, Neil Musante and others.

    Finally, Numismatic Exhibits have been prepared for your viewing pleasure and education. Be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite.

    The mission of the New England Numismatic Association is “to encourage and develop the appreciation and understanding of numismatics and the collection of coins and medals; to conduct courses of study in the art and science of numismatics, to give and otherwise sponsor lectures, exhibitions, displays and functions pertaining to the appreciation of the art and science of numismatics.”

    For additional information go the show website

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