President's Message

03/04/2024 8:00 AM | NENA News (Administrator)

Dear NENA Members,

As President of the New England Numismatic Association (NENA), I’m excited to connect with you all and discuss the fascinating world of numismatics.

Numismatics is not just about collecting coins; it’s about making connections. Connections between coins and history, connections between collectors, and connections that transcend geographical boundaries. Our shared passion for numismatics binds us together, whether we’re in New England or beyond.

Coins and currency are not mere artifacts; they are windows into history, telling stories of civilizations, cultures, and economies long past. Every coin has a tale to tell, and as collectors, we are the storytellers who preserve these narratives for future generations.

We’ve all experienced the thrill of the chase, the quest for that elusive “unicorn” coin that completes our collection. It’s what drives us to explore deeper into the rabbit hole of numismatics, constantly seeking new knowledge and connections.

But perhaps the most enriching aspect of numismatics is the opportunity to connect with fellow collectors. Recently, we’ve had engaging discussions among members about topics like “Low Balls” and pocket pieces, reigniting interest in unique areas of collecting. This is the essence of our community - sharing, educating, and learning from one another.

I encourage you to expand your horizons by visiting, where you can connect with other members, share your expertise, and discover new insights into the world of numismatics.

And speaking of connections, mark your calendars for Ernie’s show in Manchester, New Hampshire, on March 29th and 30th, 2024. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet fellow collectors, reconnect with old friends, or make new ones. Don’t forget to stop by our table and introduce yourself - we’re a very friendly bunch!

Lastly, I’m thrilled to announce that NENA will be running its renowned Young Numismatist program at the show on Saturday. It’s always a joy to see young collectors light up with excitement as they delve into the world of numismatics. Your support and participation make events like these possible, furthering NENA’s mission to promote education and strong values in our field.

Thank you to all involved in driving the continued success of our club. Together, we are the caretakers of history, preserving treasures that will endure long after we’re gone.

I look forward to seeing you all at Ernie’s show and continuing our numismatic journey together.

Warm regards,



New England Numismatic Association

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