About the New England Numismatic Association

Formally established in 1941, NENA swiftly gained momentum as its founders rallied local collectors, researchers, and enthusiasts under its banner. The association's early years were marked by a determination to cultivate a robust numismatic community, nurturing both seasoned experts and newcomers eager to explore the world of coins and medals. Through lectures, exhibitions, and insightful publications, NENA swiftly earned its reputation as a hub for learning, discovery, and camaraderie.

With a steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards, NENA continued to thrive, expanding its influence beyond the New England states. The association's dedication to fostering education and its mission to establish a comprehensive library of numismatic treasures further solidified its role as a beacon in the numismatic world.

Today, the New England Numismatic Association stands as a testament to the perseverance of its founders and the enduring passion of its 250+ members. As it continues to evolve, NENA remains steadfast in its dedication to preserving numismatic heritage, kindling curiosity, and inspiring the generations to come.

The NENA NEWS is the official club publication.

The "Quarterly NENA News," a publication by the New England Numismatic Association (NENA), serves as a vibrant window into the world of numismatics. This eagerly anticipated publication encapsulates the association's dedication to enriching its members' numismatic journey.

Each issue of the "Quarterly NENA News" brims with insightful articles, expert analyses, and engaging features that delve into the fascinating realm of coins, medals, and numismatic history. With contributions from seasoned collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts, the publication presents a diverse range of perspectives, catering to both novices and experts alike.

From in-depth profiles of rare coins to discussions on the latest trends in numismatic research, the "Quarterly NENA News" keeps readers abreast of the dynamic developments in the field. It also showcases captivating accounts of members' experiences, educational initiatives, and highlights from NENA's events, further fostering a sense of community among numismatists.

As an embodiment of NENA's commitment to education, exploration, and ethical standards, the "Quarterly NENA News" encapsulates the association's mission while offering readers an immersive and enriching numismatic experience with every issue

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