President's Message

08/24/2023 3:40 PM | NENA News (Administrator)

Dear Esteemed NENA Members, 

I am thrilled to share some incredible news with you all, reflecting the dedication and passion that make the New England Numismatic Association (NENA) an organization like no other. Our recent activities have seen us turn the corner and set sail toward a future full of promise and potential. 

Exhibiting at the summer Bay State show was a resounding success, and it gives me immense pleasure to announce that NENA was brilliantly represented, thanks to the exceptional efforts of Ed, Donat, Jen, Bill, Tyler, and each NENA member who took the time to stop by. Our revamped banner and eye-catching marketing materials truly caught the attention of attendees, showcasing the vibrancy of our organization. 

Furthermore, I am thrilled to introduce our brand-new website,  This platform offers a convenient member login feature and allows for seamless online signup. The response has been nothing short of astounding, with an impressive uptick in new members – evidence that our outreach is hitting the mark. The dividends are already visible, as we experience the positive impact of increased membership. 

In our pursuit of excellence, we have made significant strides in fundraising efforts. A special shout-out to George, of George’s Beautiful Buffalos, who has generously sponsored our Young Numismatist program for the fall. Your dedication to nurturing the next generation of numismatists is truly commendable. I also want to extend my gratitude to Steve, Dave, Louis, Stanley, Justin, and Mike for their generous support in sponsoring our upcoming NENA Raffle to be held at the New Hampshire Coin & Currency expo this fall. Your contributions further fuel our efforts to drive positive change within the numismatic community.

Together, these endeavors have allowed us to raise a significant number of funds – a testament to our commitment to NENA’s growth and success. Our financial condition is improving, providing us with the means to execute on our programs and plans more effectively. 

The heartening news doesn’t end there. Our membership is growing steadily, reflecting the clear vision we have for the future of NENA. We are reinvigorating our educational programs and offerings, and we need your participation more than ever. As we unlock the value of this tremendous organization, I encourage each of you to play a role in its transformation. 

Let’s remember: “Members bring Members.” Your enthusiasm and advocacy are crucial in expanding our reach. We are minting new members with fresh dies, and there are many additional opportunities to get involved. We are further committed to providing increased support for New England’s local clubs, fostering stronger connections across our region. In our pursuit of excellence, we have identified areas where your expertise can make a significant impact.  We need speakers and authors to enrich our events and publications. We need articles for the NENA news that reflect your insights and experiences. Additionally, we’re seeking educators and course developers to enhance our educational offerings. 

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Bob Fritsch for his years of dedicated service in managing membership matters. As he hands over the reins to Tyler O’Connor, we are excited to welcome another new face into the membership management role. Thank you both! 

This is an exciting phase for NENA, marked by renewed energy and purpose.  Let’s come together and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. The ship is turning, and it’s time for all of us to get onboard and be part of this remarkable journey. Thank you to everyone who is getting involved and supporting our cause. Together, we will achieve remarkable heights and continue to unlock the true value of NENA. Look forward to seeing you all at our 79th annual conference this fall! 


Walker - President, New England Numismatic Association (NENA)

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