ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose

Section 1: The name of this corporation shall be the New England Numismatic Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as


Section 2: The purposes of NENA shall be:

- to encourage and develop the active appreciation and understanding of numismatics in the New England states and


- to encourage and enforce, when necessary, the highest ethical standards of behavior of our members;

- to conduct courses of study in the art and science of numismatics;

- to give and sponsor lectures, exhibitions, displays, and functions pertaining to numismatics;

- to establish and maintain a library of numismatic items such as books, coins, and medals;

- to edit and publish various forms of numismatic literature; and

- to establish and maintain such quarters for all purposes of NENA as may be necessary

ARTICLE II - Membership

Section 1: Classes: There shall be three classes of regular NENA membership: Individual, Junior and Club.

Regular membership may be obtained via written application accompanied by payment of dues and approval of the

NENA Board of Directors.

Section 1A: Individual Membership: All persons who are at least eighteen years old, are interested in the

art and science of numismatics and support the purposes of NENA shall be eligible for Individual membership. An

individual member in good standing shall be entitled to all privileges of membership in NENA, including the right to

vote at NENA meetings and hold elective or appointive office in NENA.

Section 1B: Junior Membership: All persons who are less than eighteen years old and are interested in the

art and science of numismatics and support the purposes of NENA shall be eligible for Junior Membership. Junior

members shall not be eligible to hold elective office nor be eligible to vote. However, they may hold an appointive

office at the option of the NENA Board of Directors.

Section 1C: Club membership shall be available to any numismatic club, kindred association, society,

museum, library, or educational institution with interests which are consistent with those of NENA. Member clubs are

not eligible to vote.

Section 1D: Life membership shall be available to those accepted in any class of Regular member as long as

they remain in good standing and upon the payment of an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2: Honorary membership may be held by individuals and clubs which have, in the opinion of the

NENA Board of Directors, rendered distinguished service to NENA, or generally to the art and science of numismatics.

Such membership shall be granted only after a recommendation by the Board of Directors and the unanimous

affirmative vote of the Regular members present and voting at an Annual meeting at which such recommendation shall

be submitted. Honorary members shall have all the rights and privileges associated with the class of membership they

would have as regular members.

Section 3: Maintenance of Good Standing Status: In order to qualify for good standing status, a member must be

current in payment of dues, not be currently subject to any disciplinary action on the part of the NENA Board of

Directors and not have resigned NENA membership.

Section 3.1: Dues shall be established from time to time by the NENA Board of Directors, and are

payable within thirty (30) days of billing. Any member may be dropped from membership by vote of the NENA Board

of Directors for non-payment of dues if, after ninety (90) days from the date of billing, the dues remain unpaid.

Section 3.2: Disciplinary Action: Any member may be expelled, suspended from membership, put on

probation and/or publicly or privately censured if (s)he acts in opposition to the purposes of NENA, or is guilty of

dishonesty or evasion of the truth in his numismatic dealings with anyone. Whenever a member is charged with

misconduct under the provisions of these bylaws, the President or his/her designee shall notify the member so charged

of the charges. The Board of Directors shall investigate the charges, in executive session, to see if there is probable

cause to believe in their truth; and this investigation shall include a right for the charged member to appear before the

Board of Directors and be heard in his/her defense.

The Board of Directors may vote to impose public or private censure and place a member on probation for a period not

to exceed one (1) year without further action by the membership of NENA. However, this action may be overturned by

a majority vote of Regular members present and voting at an Annual Meeting. Otherwise, the Board of Directors shall

submit its recommendation at the next Annual Meeting of NENA. Expulsion or suspension shall require an affirmative

vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Regular members present and voting; all other penalties require only a majority

vote of such members. A vote of the Board of Directors to expel or suspend a member, pending such a vote, shall

operate as an immediate and provisional suspension of such member.

Section 3.3: Reinstatement: Any member who has been expelled or suspended may petition for

reinstatement after a period of two (2) years. Such petition must be endorsed by no less than three (3) Regular

members and at least one (1) member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors must then approve the petition

by two-thirds (2/3) vote; and the readmitted member shall then be reinstated on probationary status for a period

determined by the Board of Directors (not to exceed one year). A second expulsion or suspension shall be final,

without possibility of reinstatement.

Section 3.4: Resignation: Any member may resign at any time. If a member resigns while charges

under Article II, Section 3.2 are pending against him/her, any investigation will stop and the resignation will be

immediately accepted by the Board of Directors, unless the charge involves the mishandling of funds or property

belonging to NENA. Resigning members forfeit all dues paid.


Section 1: The elected officers of NENA shall be the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, the five (5)

Directors-at-Large, and one Director from each of the six (6) New England States. These officers shall comprise the

Board of Directors of NENA and be eligible to vote at NENA Board of Directors Meetings. Vacancies shall be filled

by appointment by the Board of Directors for the remainder of the unexpired term. Other officers and committees may

be appointed by the President with the consent of the Board of Directors. All officers may succeed themselves in

office. All officers and committees shall serve without compensation, except that members of the Board of Directors

may be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses as approved by the Board of Directors. Honorariums and other

compensation may be voted by the Board of Directors.

Section 2: Duties of Officers:

Section 2A: The President shall manage the affairs of NENA, and shall preside at all of its meetings.

Upon written request of at least fifteen (15) regular members, which shall specify the desired purpose, the President

shall call a Special Meeting of NENA, and instruct the Vice-President to notify the membership of such meeting.

However, the President shall be the final arbiter of any disputes.

Section 2B: The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of his duties, and shall

act in his place in the President's absence or if (s)he is disabled. The Vice-President shall also perform the duties

customary to a Recording Secretary, i.e. shall keep a detailed record of all proceedings at all NENA meetings; shall

have charge of the corporate seal of NENA, and affix its impression to any appropriate documents issued by NENA;

shall have charge of the votes and valuable papers of NENA, except as these Bylaws provide otherwise; shall arrange

for the delivery to each member of NENA a written notice of any Annual or Special meeting, at least twenty (20) days

in advance; and shall perform any other duties as directed by the Board of Directors. If the Vice-President assumes the

duties of President for the remainder of term, a new Vice-President shall be appointed by the President and approved by

the Board of Directors.

Section 2C: The Treasurer shall see that all bills due to NENA are collected; shall pay bills due by

NENA when approved by the Board of Directors; shall have charge or custody of the accounts, vouchers, monies,

fiscal books and other fiscal records of NENA; shall receive and deposit all funds of NENA to its credit, in its corporate

name, in such banks as the Board of Directors shall approve; shall draw on funds on NENA, using checks signed by the

treasurer on behalf of NENA, whenever necessary; shall present a detailed report of the receipts and disbursements of

NENA during the fiscal year preceding to each Annual Meeting, or when required by the Board of Directors; and shall,

when required by the Board of Directors, become bonded in an amount set by the Board of Directors, which shall also

pay any fees required. The Treasurer shall also publish a report of the financial activities related to NENA conventions

in the NENA News.

Section 2D: Directors from each of the New England States and Directors-at-Large shall represent

the best interests of the numismatic community in New England. They are expected to seek out input from individuals

and clubs in their regions and to pass on such information on to the NENA board. They shall also be authorized to

appoint a NENA member in good standing as his/her alternate, with full voting privileges, to attend Board of Directors

meetings in his/her stead when necessary.

Section 3: The Board of Directors may appoint members in good standing to fulfill specific duties as required for the

Good of NENA. The term of such appointments shall normally be one (1) year but may be extended or shortened by

vote of the Board of Directors. Such members will be ex officio members of the Board of Directors without voting

rights. Any of these positions may be held by a member of the NENA Board of Directors.

Parliamentarian: Responsible for assuring that all voting meetings are conducted consistent with Robert’s Rules of


Nominating Committee Chair: Responsible for preparing a slate of officers for election at the annual meeting.

Membership Coordinator: Responsible for maintaining membership records, collecting dues, and transmitting funds so

received to the Treasurer.

General Counsel: Responsible for providing legal advice relating to the business of NENA. He may, with the approval

of the Board of Directors, secure outside counsel.

NENA News Editor: Responsible for the editing, compilation, and distribution of the NENA News and other

publications of NENA.

Medal Coordinator: Responsible for all activities in the design, production, and distribution of the annual NENA Medal

and maintains the Association's Medal Collection and the inventory of unsold medals.

Young Numismatist Coordinator: Runs the Young Numismatist activities of NENA.

Convention Director: Responsible for the contracting, setup, and conduct of the Annual Conference and Convention.

An optional Assistant Convention Director to assist the Convention Director may also be appointed.

Exhibits Director: Arranges for exhibiting space at the annual Conference and Convention; calls for exhibits from the

membership at least (3) months in advance; provides exhibit cases requested by exhibitors; arranges for exhibit judges;

and acquires the awards for exhibitors.

Club Liaisons: Responsible for all liaison between NENA and the member club or organization (s)he represents. One

such person shall perform this function with respect to the American Numismatic Association.

Section 4: The terms of the various officers and directors of NENA shall be as follows:

President - 2 years (even years)

Vice-President - 2 years, conterminous with the President

Treasurer - 2 years, in President's midterm (odd years)

Elected Directors-at-Large - 1 year

State Directors (ME, VT, MA) - 2 years (even years)

State Directors (CT, RI, NH) - 2 years (odd years)

For purposes of calculating these terms, one year shall be considered the period from one NENA

Annual Meeting to the next, regardless of the actual time elapsed. Terms of office shall commence at the time of

election. Each officer shall hold office until his/her successor is elected, provided good standing status is maintained.

However, Board members who miss three consecutive board meetings may be removed from office at the discretion of

the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the Directors present and voting. Also, any member of the Board, elected

or appointed, may be removed for non-performance of his duties at the discretion of the Board of Directors in the same



Section 1: The Annual Meeting of NENA shall be called on the Saturday of the weekend designated by the

Board of Directors and published in the NENA News no less than one (1) month in advance, for the annual Convention

of NENA. The annual Convention of NENA shall take place each calendar year, at a time and place in New England

determined by the Board of Directors; The selection of the actual convention site, any planning for the Convention, and

any delegation of authority related to the Convention must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 2: A quorum at the Annual Meeting shall consist of fifteen (15) members eligible to vote, and the

number of votes required to pass upon any matter shall be determined by the number of votes actually cast.


Section 1: The official publication of NENA shall be known as the NENA News, and shall be published at regular

intervals. It shall be mailed to each member of NENA free of charge; and all expenses relating to the NENA News shall

be paid first out of advertising receipts, and then from the funds of NENA.


Section 1: No officer, director, committee, or member shall incur any expense in the name of NENA unless

authorized to do so by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 2: The fiscal year of NENA shall run from January 1 to December 31 in each calendar year.

Section 3: NENA may have a corporate seal in a form approved by the Board of Directors, to be kept by the


Section 4: These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed at any Annual or Special Meeting of NENA. They

must be reviewed by the Board of Directors at least every four years. Each Regular member must receive notice that

changes to the bylaws are being proposed and are to be voted on at least one (1) month prior to such meeting. A two-

thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting shall be required to enact changes.

Section 5: The name, emblems, logotype, or stationery of NENA may not be used without permission of the

Board of Directors.

Section 6: The mailing list of NENA shall be kept confidential, and shall be used only for NENA-related business.

Section 7: All meetings of NENA shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, with the President

serving as Parliamentarian, unless these Bylaws provide otherwise, or the membership of NENA votes to suspend them

at any Meeting.

Section 8: No meeting of NENA may last for more than two (2) hours, unless otherwise voted by those present and

eligible to vote.

Section 9: There shall be at least four (4) meetings of the Board of Directors during each calendar year, one of which

may occur during the Annual Convention. A quorum for a Board of Directors meeting shall consist of one (1) officer,

one (1) director at large and one (1) state director.

Approved by vote of the General Membership 20 May 2000

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