NENA Announces 2015 Medal

Please Note:

This has been a very successful medal offering. There are only a very few sets left. Order your set soon before they are all gone.

The NENA medal for 2015 features John Farrar, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Harvard between 1807 and 1836. He, with Nathaniel Bowditch, made a failed attempt to build an observatory at Harvard, something not accomplished until the 1850s. Farrar kept records of weather observations while Hollis Professor, and concluded that a hurricane was a “moving vortex” following the Great September Gale of 1815. More information about him is available at

NENA honors Professor Farrar with this year’s medal, featuring his picture superimposed over a hurricane symbol, with appropriate annotations. The medals will be produced in two finishes, antique bronze and nickel. The set of two is available for $25.00 with pickup at the convention. Please add $3.00 for postage and handling if you want them mailed to you. Address orders to NENA; PO Box 21; Oxford, MA 01540. Email queries may be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Medals from previous years are also available – email your requests to the above address.

The 71st NENA Convention is on 14 November this year, and is held in conjunction with the NH Coin and Currency Expo, 13-14 November at the Center of New Hampshire (Radisson Hotel) in Manchester. See the website for schedule, details, discount coupon and hotel reservations.



President’s Message, December 2015

Presidents Comments

By William Harkins

I would like to thank our Board Members and volunteers for their time and energy to this organization making our 71st Conference and Convention an enjoyable event for all. This year’s event included the John Kittredge Young Numismatist Program sponsored jointly by NENA and the Kittredge Foundation. Other highlights of the Convention included Educational Presentations, our “What is it Table”, an ANA Information and membership table, several exhibits and our Annual Meeting that included the election of officers. During this year’s elections Bob Fritsch and Bob Hewey stepped down from their positions after many years of service to our organization. They were thanked and presented with awards for their service. Though they may no longer be on our board both have pledged to be active members. I would like to welcome several new members to our board that include Terry O’Connor, State Director for Massachusetts, Michael Viens, Director and our Webmaster, Mel Petty, who will also serve as a Director.

We are still in need of State Directors for Maine and Vermont. If you know anyone that you think might be a good candidate for our Board, please ask them to consider taking a position with us. We now meet via conference call to save on travel expenses and time and only meet about six times a year for an hour or so on Saturday mornings.

2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the “First New England Numismatic Conference” on May 23rd 1941 under the chairmanship of Shepard Pond at the City Club of Boston with fifty dedicated New England Collectors present. Plans are now being made to commemorate our anniversary with a number of special exhibits and programs. We are currently exploring options for holding a special evening event in conjunction with our conference and convention on Friday November 11th, which would include a guest speaker, dinner or refreshments. We are also seeking submissions for a medal to commemorate our 75th, anniversary.

Our 72nd Conference and Convention will be held in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, November 11-12, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel/Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, N.H.

NENA will again be participating in the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo’s spring show on March 25-26, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel/Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, N.H. Plans include our Club Table, Exhibits and a Y.N. Program.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please let us know.


William Harkins


71st Convention Re-Cap

On Saturday, November 14th, 2015 the New England Numismatic Association held their 71st Conference and Convention in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo November 13th-14th, 2015. This year’s program included the John Kittredge Young Numismatist (YN) Program sponsored by NENA and the Kittredge Foundation. Other highlights of the Convention included our Club table, “What is It Table”, ANA information table, Exhibits and our Annual Meeting.

The Young Numismatist program was held from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM and was headed by Richard J. Hand Jr. with the assistance of Diane Zuck and George A. Bilodeau Jr. This year’s program was very well attended with approximately thirty five children including a group of boy scouts. The program is free and provides an informative and fun learning experience for the youngsters and their parents, with the children receiving coins and other numismatic prizes for their participation.

The “What is it Table” was set up adjacent to our Club Table where several volunteers including Richard Ziegler, Robert Hewey and Robert Hess answered questions and helped identify coins and other numismatic items that were brought to the table.

This year’s exhibits were outstanding we had seven exhibitors that included one Y.N. with sixteen cases total. There were three Non-Competitive Exhibits including a two case exhibit set up to highlight NENA and advertise the Annual meeting and six Competitive Exhibits. Donat Charron won Best of Show with a three case exhibit on “Sally Kirka” and received an engraved tray and 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle; Michael Viens took Second Place with his three case exhibit on “The Medals of The Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary “and received an engraved plaque and a one ounce Silver Eagle; Michael Viens also received the People’s Choice Award for his three case exhibit on “The Medals of The Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary” and was given an engraved plaque and a one ounce Silver Eagle.

Christopher Bilodeau received the John Kittredge 1st Place YN Award for his exhibit on “Coins and Medals in Plastic” and received an engraved plaque and a one ounce Australian Horses coin. Christopher also received a one year NENA membership for placing a YN Exhibit.

All exhibitors received a NENA medal with the NENA logo on one side and Exhibitor/2015 engraved on the other side. The committee gratefully appreciated the time taken by the three Judges to evaluate the exhibits and each judge was given a NENA medal with NENA logo on one side and Judge/2015 engraved on the other side.

The Annual Meeting took place from 4:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. and was open to members and non-members alike. The meeting started with a presentation by Bob Hess related to this year’s medal and Professor John Farrar titled “A Tale of Two Hurricanes”. This was followed with the Annual Business Meeting that included the Awards and the elections for Officers. The Worcester County Numismatic Society and their Y.N. Chair Mark Matys were presented with an Educational Award in recognition of their outstanding Young Numismatist Program; Robert Fritsch and Robert Hewey were presented with a “Dedicated Service Award” for their many years of service and dedication to this organization.

The Elections were held resulting in the following: State Directors, Connecticut, George A. Bilodeau Jr.; New Hampshire, Robert Drew; Rhode Island, Richard Lavimodiere; Massachusetts, Terry O’Conner; Maine, Vacant; Vermont, Vacant. Directors are Michael Viens, Donat Charron, Robert Hess, Mel Petty and Jim Rolston.

We then held the drawings for the door prizes that included a 2015 Silver Eagle and a 2015 NENA Medals set.

We would like to thank all those that helped make this a successful event including Ernie Botte and EBW Promotions for providing the exhibit space and meeting room for our event; The Kittredge Foundation for their generous support of our YN Program; Richard Hand, Diane Zuck and George Bilodeau for their work with the YN Program. We would also like to thank the dealers for their support and the generous donations of coins, medals, tokens and supplies for our YN Program.


NENA's History


In 1940, there was no organized regional numismatics in this country. Since 1860, most of the larger cities had formed groups of interested collectors who met together to promote their hobby. In 1891, the varied memberships of these urban clubs joined together to form the American Numismatic Association (A.N.A.) and assembled in convention once a year to take a national and, considering Canada and Mexico, an international view at the broad needs and interests of numismatics.

The gap between the national association and the city societies was regional. Its absence was recognized by the more astute numismatists concerned about the rapid develo0pment and expansion of coin collecting. Nonetheless, the gap was left unfulfilled for 50 years.

At last, Shepard Pond, a leader in national as well as Boston numismatic circles, devoted his efforts to the promotion of a regional gathering of those New Englanders having a mutual interest in numismatics. He had long advocated the ideal of such meetings and, in 1941, his efforts bore fruit. Under his chairmanship, the "First New England Numismatic Conference" was called to order on May 23rd at the City Club of Boston with 50 dedicated New England collecors present. It was an evening meeting and dinner held under the auspices of the Boston Numismatic Society and had for its objective the discussion and resolution of the many regional problems attendant upon the sudden growth of the hobby of collecting. It was, as its name indicated, a "Conference of New England Numismatists."

From this beginning sprang organized regional numismatics as we know it nationally today and, from this beginning, sprang the "New England Numismatic Association." Sadly Shepard Pond passed away unexpectedly on May 28th, 1945.

It took five years for the seed that Shepard Pond had planted to put forth its tender leaves, for Fate had decreed that other hands than his should nurture it.

On July 20, 1946, the "Second New England Conference" was sponsored by the Boston Numismatic Society at the Copley Plaza in Boston. It began at 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon and concluded with a Banquet at 6:00 PM. As an inducement to those New Englanders interested in acquiring specimens as well as knowledge, a coin auction was added to the program.

The attendees at this second conference, chaired by Henry Schumacher, recommended that such gatherings should be made an annual affair and Horace Grant invited the next one to be held in Providence.

Accordingly, in 1947, over 100 New England numismatists assembled in Rhode Island. Here, as the Third Conference, the plant so carefully nurtured through six long years at last blossomed. The New England Numismatic Association burst into bloom, was baptized and entered upon a long and beneficial growth, devoted to promoting the interests of Numismatics in New England and to holding a conference annually in some one of the various cities of New England. Officers and State Directors were elected and the location for the next year's conference chosen.

Since that time, a NENA conference has been held each year.

Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven, Northampton, Pittsfield, Boston, Manchester, N.H. and Providence have hosted their fellow New England Numismatists and in 1975 the 31st Conference was held in Boston.

Through these years, NENA has developed and matured. In 1948, at Worcester, the NENA News was established and a Course opened. In 1949, at Springfield, the first NENA Medal was struck, or rather stamped, on large cents. In 1951, at New Haven, the length of the conference was extended to two full days of activity and in 1952, at Boston, the tercentenary of the Pine Tree coinage was commemorated by our conference.Since then a medal has been struck to commemorate each conference.

from the 30th Annual Conference and Convention booklet, revised 2015

Today the New England Numismatic Association continues with Shepard Pond’s vision of promoting a regional gathering of New Englanders with a mutual interest in numismatics. During our annual conference and convention we hold a number of events including a free Young Numismatist Program where the children learn the fundamentals of coin collecting, and receive coins and other numismatic related items for their participation. Other events include Educational Talks, Club Table, Exhibits Competition and our Annual Meeting. We also participate in a second show annually where we provide a Young Numismatist Program, Club Table, Exhibits and Meeting.

Our mission is to encourage and develop the appreciation and understanding of numismatics and the collection of coins and medals; to conduct courses of study in the art and science of numismatics; to give and otherwise sponsor lectures, exhibitions, displays and functions pertaining to the appreciation and understanding of the art and science of numismatics.

Our goal is to function as a true regional numismatic association by promoting the ANA and getting members involved with their local clubs and activities such as National Coin Week.

For more information write to New England Numismatic Association, P.O. Box 2061, Woburn, MA 01888.


The New England Numismatic Association Mission Statement

The aims and purposes of the Association shall be set forth in the agreement of the Association as follows:

 To encourage and develop the appreciation and understanding of numismatics in the New England states and elsewhere; To encourage and enforce, when necessary, the highest ethical standards of behavior of our members; To conduct courses of study in the art and science of numismatics; To edit and publish various forms of numismatic literature; To give and sponsor lectures, exhibitions, displays and functions pertaining to the appreciation and understanding of the art and science of numismatics.


NENA Exhibit Sampler

  • A nice exhibit of animal themed banknotes.
  • An exhibit of New Hampshire Police Department medals
  • An exhibit of medals designed by the renown Swiss medalist Antoine Bovy
  • An exhibit honoring JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination
  • An exhibit of NENA items from past conventions.