2023 79th Annual NENA Conference & Convention Medal (PREORDER)

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NENA’s 2023 Convention Medal was designed by Robert R. Maisch and features the First North American International Rail Line. The first North American international rail line linked the United States and Canada when the first two through trains of the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) met at Island Pond, Vermont on July 18, 1853. Sixteen years prior to the completion of the U.S. transcontinental railway in 1869. This was the halfway point of the GTR railway route from Portland, Maine to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Island Pond village experienced rapid growth to meet the needs of the railroad. The valley had switching yards, roundhouse, repair shops, fueling facilities and a depot. The original mid century style railway depot was replaced during the peak of the GTR heyday by a hipped-roof structure with glazed brick above a stone base, towers and continuous canopies extending beyond the ends of the station. Over the course of the twentieth century, the railroad’s Island Pond importance waned and finally ceased. All of the railroad facilities were removed, save the station, by 1973. The pictured main device of the medal is the depot, the sole survivor, circa 1907, later restored with grants, now a city property, bears witness to the important railroad historic event as our first international railway route. These one and a half inch medals are produced in two finishes, antique bronze and antique silver color. This is for the two meal set. Expected availability is mid-September.
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