75th Anniversary Conference Recap

Highlights from the 75th Anniversary Conference and Convention

On Friday, November 11th, the New England Numismatic Association hosted a Banquet and Social Hour as part of the 75th Anniversary celebration with eighty seven guests present. The evening started with a social hour from 5:30-6:30, followed by dinner and then our Keynote Speaker: Q. David Bowers who spoke on: "New England: Focal Point of American Numismatics; Then, Now and the Future”. Bob Fritsch did an outstanding job as the Master of Ceremonies keeping the program running smoothly with Mike Simpson giving the Invocation, John Ferreri, Joe Duval and Roger Durand manned the raffle table. ANA National Coordinator Richard Josefiak presented to NENA a Presidential certificate of recognition for our 75th, Anniversary, we were also presented with a Presidential certificate of recognition for 65 years as an ANA Club Member both certificates were signed by Kim Kick, ANA Executive Director and Jeff Garrett, ANA President. NENA presented a Presidential Award to Ernie Botte in reconnection of his generous support of our organization and programs. We thanked Q. David Bowers for his efforts and presented him with a Speakers Certificate, Speakers Medal and our 75th, Anniversary Medal Set. We also held the drawings for the raffles that included numerous books and vouchers thanks to the generosity of Stack’s/Bowers Galleries, Whitman Publishing Company, Kenneth Bressett, Denly’s of Boston and Heritage Coins and Collectibles.

On Saturday November 12th, our activities included the John Kittredge Young Numismatist Program sponsored by NENA and the Kittredge Foundation. The Club Table where visitors could purchase this year’s medals, get their Program and Show Guide and receive a free Special Anniversary Button; The Exhibits Gallery; The What is it Table, and our Annual Meeting that included the election of officers.

The Young Numismatist program was held from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM and was headed by Richard J. Hand Jr. with the assistance of Diane Zuck, Richard Ziegler and Jack Haroian. This year’s program was very well attended with twenty six children plus an additional sixteen adults. ANA National Coordinator Richard Josefiak spoke to the group on the benefits and educational programs the ANA provides for the children including their “Coins for A’s Program”. NENA President William Harkins presented Richard Hand an Educational Award in reconnection for his work with the kids during National Coin Week at the Brockton Public Library, Brockton, MA and the outstanding job he is doing with NENA’s Y.N. Program.

This year’s exhibits were outstanding! We had eight exhibits with a total of twenty six cases including an eight case Special Marque Exhibit that highlighted NENA’s history. There were seven Competitive exhibits that included: The Unique Dollars; Austria’s 5-Euro Commemorative Coins; Odd and Curious Money; The Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary; Medals and Tokens of the Gallery Mint; Massachusetts History through Town Medals and One Dollar Insect Coins of Australia.

 We would like to thank all those that helped make this a successful event including our board, committees, volunteers and members. Ernie Botte and EBW Promotions for providing the exhibit space and meeting room for our event; The Kittredge Foundation for their generous support of our YN Program; The dealers for their support and generous donations of coins, medals, tokens and supplies for our Y.N Program and all those that supported us with their well wishes and advertisements in our program and show guide.

Bob Fritsch Richard Hand Q. David Bowers
Bob Fritsch, our Master of Ceremonies Bill Harkins presents Richard Hand
with the Educational Award
for his excellent work with
the Young Numismatists
Q. David Bowers, our Keynote Speaker

President’s Message, March 2017

Presidents Comments

By William Harkins

 I would like to start by thanking our members for your support, through your membership and donations to our programs. This is your organization in order to make it successful we need your participation whether you fill a vacancy on our board, submit a news article, letter to the editor, place an exhibit, bring a child to our Y.N Program or just drop by the club table during one of our events and say hello. I am also asking our members and clubs to promote our organization and help bring in new members.

On Saturday, May 6th, the New England Numismatic Association will be holding a number of events in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, May 5-6, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH. Our plans include a Y.N. Program, Exhibits, Club Table and Board Meeting. We look forward to seeing our members so please visit the club table and say hello, this will also be a good time to view the exhibits.

Please help: we have a number of positions that need to be filled including Medals Coordinator and State Director for Vermont. If you know anyone that you think might be a good candidate for our Board please asks them to consider taking a position with us. Experience is not a problem as we will help train and give assistance to anyone willing to fill a position. We now meet via conference call to save on travel expenses and time and only meet about eight times a year for an hour or so on Saturday mornings.

Our 73rd, Conference and Convention will be held on November 4th, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, November 2-4, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel/Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, N.H.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please let us know. You may email directly by clicking on contact us or by mail NENA, P.O. Box 2061, Woburn, MA 01888.


William Harkins


A Call to Exhibit

The New England Numismatic Association is now seeking exhibits for November’s New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, November 2-4. The exhibit competition will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel, Center of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH.


Select "Exhibits" above for more information




The New England Numismatic Association Mission Statement

The aims and purposes of the Association shall be set forth in the agreement of the Association as follows:

 To encourage and develop the appreciation and understanding of numismatics in the New England states and elsewhere; To encourage and enforce, when necessary, the highest ethical standards of behavior of our members; To conduct courses of study in the art and science of numismatics; To edit and publish various forms of numismatic literature; To give and sponsor lectures, exhibitions, displays and functions pertaining to the appreciation and understanding of the art and science of numismatics.


NENA Exhibit Sampler

  • A nice exhibit of animal themed banknotes.
  • An exhibit of New Hampshire Police Department medals
  • An exhibit of medals designed by the renown Swiss medalist Antoine Bovy
  • An exhibit honoring JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination
  • An exhibit of NENA items from past conventions.