President’s Message, June 2017

Presidents Comments

By William Harkins

I would like to start by thanking you our members for your support, through your membership and donations to our programs. I also want to thank the Mansfield Numismatic Society for their generous donation and support for our Young Numismatist Program. During a recent meeting of the Mansfield Numismatic Society the members voted to support our Young Numismatist program in a number of ways including providing scholarships to attend the Y.N Program and to subsidize the expense of travel and lodging. In addition to the scholarships they are also encouraging Boy and Girl Scout interest in coin collecting with a stipend of $50 each to cover food and travel for up to four scouts to attend the program. They have also made a cash donation of $250 to our Y.N Program to help cover our expenses. This is your organization in order to make it successful we need your participation. Please help us promote this organization and bring in new members.

On Saturday, May 6th, the New England Numismatic Association held a number of events in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo. Our activities included the Y.N. Program, Exhibits, Club Table and Board Meeting. The Y.N Program was held from 10:30-12:30 and was headed by Y.N. Coordinator Richard Hand Jr. with assistance from Richard Ziegler and Diane Zuck. The program was well attended with twenty two children and eighteen parents in attendance. The children all received coins and other numismatic items thanks to the generous donations from the dealers. The Exhibits included a two case non-competitive exhibit to highlight NENA’s history including current activities. There were three competitive exhibits including a four case exhibit titled “Fancy Notes” featuring U.S Paper money with fancy serial numbers; a two case exhibit on “The Liberty Series Commemorative Historic Bronze Medallions” and a three case exhibit titled “Oops! Mistakes Made at the Mint” featuring U.S error coins. The Liberty Series Commemorative Historic Bronze Medallions received Best of Show and the exhibit on Fancy Notes received the People’s Choice Award.

Our 73rd, Conference and Convention will be held on November 4th, in conjunction with the New Hampshire Coin and Currency Expo, November 3-4, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel/Center of New Hampshire, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, N.H. Plans include the John Kittredge Young Numismatist Program sponsored by NENA and the Kittredge Foundation. Other highlights of the Convention will include Educational Presentations, Exhibits, What is it Table and our Annual Meeting that will include the election of officers. We will also have this year’s medals available at our club table.

I am happy to announce that John Maslanka has taken over as the State Director for Massachusetts and that Robert F. Fritsch has taken over as our Membership Director; I will take on the Medals Program until a replacement can be found. Also we are still in need of a State Director for Vermont. If you know anyone that you think might be a good candidate for our Board please asks them to consider taking a position with us. We now meet via conference call to save on travel expenses and time and only meet about eight times a year for an hour or so on Saturday mornings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we may better serve you, please let us know. You may email directly by clicking on contact us or by mail NENA, P.O. Box 2061, Woburn, MA 01888.


William Harkins